n the event that for whatever reason a customer is not satisfied with their order, they may exercise their right to withdrawal and return the items within 28 days from the items’ delivery date.
Within the same 28 days from the items’ delivery date customers may request the replacement of items with items of the same model, with a different size or color, if/when available.
The right to return or exchange items will only be accepted if all TERMS & CONDITIONS indicated below are respected


  1. To initiate the return/exchange process, customers are required to contact the customer service ANDREĀDAMO will then send an email confirming that the return/exchange application was received, along with the Return Authorization Number (R.A.N.), the shipping label and instructions for the return shipment.
  2. The return shipment is FREE when shipped with the courier provided by ANDREĀDAMO.
    Should the items be returned with another courier rather than the one provided, all consequent costs will be at the customer’s expense and ANDREĀDAMO shall not be liable for lost or damaged items. By using another courier rather than the one provided by ANDREĀDAMO, the customer is responsible for all taxes and fees at the time of shipment, if/where applicable.
    Shipments of items returned to ANDREĀDAMO must originate from the same country of the original shipment. ANDREĀDAMO reserves the right not to accept items shipped with another courier rather than the one indicated in the email with the return/ exchange instructions. Returned items will not be accepted by ANDREĀDAMO and will be returned to the sender if the delivery entails additional taxes or fees to be paid at the time of delivery and/or requires picking up items at a courier branch office.
  3. Returned items must be shipped within 28 days from the items’ delivery date


  1. Exchanges for purchased items are only possible if/when a different size or color of the same model is available. Once the returned item has been received and processed, ANDREĀDAMO will proceed with the shipment of the exchange item.

    Once the returned item has been received and processed by ANDREĀDAMO, a refund will be issued for the amount paid for the returned items. The timeframe may vary slightly depending on the banking circuit of the Credit Card. For purchases with PayPal, Credit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay or Bank Wire Transfer, the amount will be refunded to the original account. Refunds will be issued in the same currency as the original purchase. Any differences in the refund amount due to exchange rate fluctuations will not be reimbursed. Any originally incurred shipping costs will only be refunded to the customer if all purchased items are returned.


The following is a non-exhaustive list of items ineligible for return:

For each item ineligible for return, ANDREĀDAMO provides customers with an indication directly on the product information page. At its sole discretion, ANDREĀDAMO reserves the right to accept customers’ return applications even for items ineligible for return, should ANDREĀDAMO deem it appropriate for justified reasons.
Please note that ANDREĀDAMO constantly monitors the number of returns. Frequent returns that do not comply with all TERMS & CONDITIONS will be flagged. ANDREĀDAMO reserves the right to close an account or not to complete orders of customers who continuously breach the TERMS & CONDITIONS.
For matters not specifically mentioned, please refer to the European Distance Selling Regulation
Note: In the event of any inconsistency, discrepancy or divergences of interpretation between the English version and any other language versions of this publication, the English language version shall prevail.


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